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Clinical Operations Advisor and Consultant

"Jason has extensive and highly valued experience in strategic outsourcing leadership and navigating teams through the complex and challenging processes of CRO selection, contract negotiation, oversight and conflict identification and resolution. The combination of his specialist knowledge in outsourcing together with his expert coaching and consultancy skills means that Jason is able to effectively lead the vendor and the CRO towards more open and constructive conversations, resulting in improved communication and collaboration." VP Clinical Operations, GSK.

"As an advisor on the OmniTrial Advisory Board, Jason's profound expertise and professionalism are evident in every interaction. He possesses a strategic mindset that is not only rare but incredibly beneficial for seeing the big picture as well as focusing on the immediate tasks at hand. 
Jason's proactive approach and ability to consider problems from multiple angles make him an indispensable asset. Jason excels in client interactions, consistently delivering messages and insights that resonate powerfully and clearly. His positive demeanor and intellectual curiosity make working with him not just productive, but truly enjoyable.
In addition to being a strategist and a deep thinker, Jason’s forward-thinking has been instrumental in helping us align our long-term goals with our immediate needs, fostering both growth and innovation within our team. His contributions have been invaluable in enhancing our product development and positioning, ensuring they meet the expectations of our target audiences and end-user communities.

Sagit Goldenberg, Co Founder & Head of Product, OmniTrial

Executive Leadership Coaching

"Our sessions helped me see the real issues I am facing, equipping me with new strategies to diffuse certain situations and make better choices. They helped me embrace my shortcomings and unlocked the power of owning and showing my vulnerability to others.  I was challenged to critically evaluate my interactions and behaviours and how they aid or hinder my ability to be an effective leader. This was tough at the beginning, but it was well worth the effort. This has resulted in positive relationship changes with other leaders and members of my organisation, and I better understanding my triggers and how I might deal with them."

Head of Regulatory CMC, Autolus Therapeutics.

"Jason is extremely knowledgeable  about all aspects of the clinical development lifecycle across roles, functions, business objectives and outcomes. He quickly understands different perspectives, strategic objectives and how to balance long-term planning with the need for near-term results and growth. He is an excellent consultant helping us to answer existing questions while also uncovering better ones. He can work seamlessly with different team members from our CEO to a product line manager bringing new insights that help us further develop products and positioning that will resonate with our target audiences and end user communities. In addition to being a clinical development SME, Jason is a great person to work -he’s both supportive and intellectually curious making him an excellent resource for our team and business.” 

Sheila Rocchio, Chief Marketing Officer, eClinical Solutions

“Jason’s style is approachable, engaging and challenging.  He creates an open and safe space to honestly discuss important issues. Fresh insights included the power of the pause, recognising not everything is urgent or needs to be addressed by me and that my reports require unique approaches and support. Exploring this, helped me truly understand my teams individual and collective needs, adapt my leadership approach and style, and enhance clarity in communication. Having the ability to practice different approaches and then discuss the outcomes has been very helpful." Group Leader, Evox Therapeutics.

Senior Leadership Team Coaching

“The day was very different to the one I first envisaged when I felt we needed some group time together to assess where we are and next steps. I had to operate out of my default space for much of the day. A different day would have had different outcomes and another 'to do' list vs the foundations of a far more effective team, which on reflection is a no brainer.  Thanks for helping us on our journey.” Head Teacher, Leventhorpe.

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