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Accelerating Clinical Trial Outsourcing: Selecting the right CRO or solution provider for your clinical study or program is becoming increasingly challenging, as players and their offerings are constantly evolving.  In our fast paced environment, let us demystify the landscape and help you select the right partner(s). 

Having been accountable for over $1 Billion of R&D external project expenditure we can help you develop your specific outsourcing strategy and to navigate the scoping, selection and onboarding of your outsourcing partner(s), laying the foundations for a successful collaboration. 

Our six step ClinOpsClarity framework uncovers what questions to ask and when, to enable successful delivery against your pre-defined value drivers (Time, Cost and Quality).  

Applying a systemic consulting and facilitation approach, we help Biotechs and small-medium Pharma who want to make smart decisions. We unlock the essential ingredients for success, helping surface unspoken or hidden issues that could hinder an open, transparent and trusting relationship with your CRO and solutions providers. 

The benefits include:

  • Bespoke solutions - asking the right questions to help you identify the best solutions for your study.

  • Saving time - we keep up to date with evolving industry solutions and determine how effective they will be for different situations you face.

  • Saving costs - unnecessary study entry criteria and procedures are costly, as are dysfunctional partnerships and incorrect technology use. Having effective operational assistance from the outset helps prevent avoidable expenditure from your study overrunning, particularly when it comes to patient recruitment and retention. 

  • Oversight - ensuring solution providers deliver desired results.


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