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Image by Hannah Busing

High Performing Teams: Senior leadership teams and collaborative partnerships no longer have the luxury of time to develop and perform in an uncertain world where change is accelerating. Too slow to adapt and you risk getting left behind; or worse ceasing to be relevant as your competitors excel. Team performance suffers when the relationship systems lack the ability to navigate the combination of uncertainty, complexity and dependency.

To adequately navigate the challenges we face in today’s uncertain world, teams need to learn and evolve at pace, continuously experimenting and growing their capabilities to maximise their performance. Teams need to discard old ways of thinking that are limiting what they can achieve. Instead, they need to form more useful mindsets and sustainable habits, changing their behaviours and discovering more effective ways of working. In other words, to navigate constant change and thrive in today’s fast-moving world, teams need to be emergent.

At Emergent Teams, we work with teams as dynamic relationship systems and create a safe space for deeper thinking and fierce challenge, revealing hidden patterns and unspoken assumptions.  We do this by unlocking the essential ingredients for success: curiosity, clarity, co-creation, cohesion and commitment.


With more than 50 years of combined experience working in and with leadership teams, we have observed what makes the difference between those who struggle and those who achieve the highest performance. We have distilled these insights into Five Aspects of High-Performing Teams: they are Ambitious, Aligned, Able, Adaptive and Accountable.  Curious about how your team is performing, click on this link Emergent Teams Fast Insights to complete our free Emergent Teams Fast Insights questionnaire and we will send you your report. 

Who we work with


From start-ups to industrial titans, we help teams that want to develop their emergent capability to thrive through chosen or imposed change, for example through market disruption, mergers or acquisitions, strategic shifts, new leadership or restructuring. 


These teams must display urgency and agility in uncertain times for successful delivery. When the stakes are high, teams need to be emergent.

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