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Image by Hannah Busing

Team Development: Teams no longer have the luxury of time to develop and perform in an uncertain world where change is accelerating. Too slow to adapt and you risk getting left behind; or worse ceasing to be relevant as your competitors excel. 

At Emergent Teams, we work with teams as dynamic relationship systems and create a safe space for deeper thinking and fierce challenge, revealing hidden patterns and unspoken assumptions.  We do this by unlocking the essential ingredients for success: curiosity, clarity, co-creation, cohesion and commitment.


Our proprietary REAL (Reveal-Explore-Adapt-Learn) process fosters agility, equipping teams for the uncertainties ahead.  These fundamentals provide a solid foundation for reconnecting with the core purpose and gaining greater clarity, resulting in superior outcomes.

  • Our REAL process starts with understanding your current reality in new ways, Revealing what is currently holding you back.

  • In the second phase, we Explore the impact these hidden patterns, beliefs and habits are having on your team and the consequences.

  • With greater appreciation of what’s holding you back, we then help you Adapt to respond to pressures. 

  • The final stage is to Learn and embed what works to sustain emergence and acceleration in team performance.


Once the REAL process is understood, your team will know how to emerge, accelerate and thrive.


Who we work with


From start-ups to industrial titans, we help teams that want to develop their emergent capability to thrive through chosen or imposed change, for example through market disruption, mergers or acquisitions, strategic shifts, new leadership or restructuring. 


These teams must display urgency and agility in uncertain times for successful delivery. When the stakes are high, teams need to be emergent.

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