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Clinical Operations Consulting: I have 27 years experience in strategy and leadership across multiple therapeutic areas and all phases of development.  I have navigated mergers and acquisitions, sat on advisory boards / strategic partner steering committees and led multiple change projects. I work as a consultant and advisor to  Biotechs, Pharma, Start-Ups and Vendors to develop approaches to modernise and accelerate clinical trial delivery. Increasing productivity and creating value in organisations requires courage, smart decisions and a true understanding of the resources required. Having experienced both success and failure in many transformational change projects, I help clients save time and do things more efficiently.  

Data is the currency for many life science organisations. With applied knowledge of leveraging data, analytics and digital technology,  I help technology and solution providers set strategy, develop services and optimise marketing presence to ensure they transform, grow market share and stand out from the pack. 

As Delivery and Optimisation Head at GSK, I led a team focussed on targeted innovation projects.  These included optimising protocol designs, a Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) decision making framework and increasing diversity, inclusion and equitable access to trials. Working with Physicians, Clinical Teams, Biostats and Clinical Operations, I developed and implemented a novel Protocol Design Lab using data, analytics and visualisations to drive robust conversations and challenge the status quo. The lab leveraged data on disease prevalence, historical performance, prescribing habits and patient burden, to provide actionable insights for the whole study team.  This led to patient focussed study designs which accessed the broadest patient populations and increased delivery confidence.

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