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In today's fast moving world, where there aren't necessarily right answers and expectations are so high, I understand the demands and pressures in challenging the status quo.

As an accomplished Vice President with over 27 years experience in global clinical operations strategy and leadership, and a practitioner in systemic coaching, I provide consulting support to Biotechs, Pharma and Vendors.  Providing fresh insights and perspectives, I help clients make smart decisions and develop novel approaches to modernise and accelerate clinical trial delivery

Having experienced both success and failure in transformational change projects, innovative offerings and collaborative partnerships, I provide an independent and objective lens, helping clients save time, be more efficient and thrive in their complex and evolving environments.

I work with clients in a collaborative way, focussing on the things that really matter and creating the space for deep thinking.  Working together, we explore your current reality, set challenging but realistic goals, surface potential barriers that can get in your way and identify the crucial ingredients for success.  The result is resilient, agile and high performing individuals and organisations that can transform at pace to achieve superior and sustainable outcomes.

Alongside my individual consulting and coaching, I work with trusted associates to deliver Team and Clinical Operations consulting services.

Clinical Operations Consulting : protocol optimisation, decentralised clinical trial decision making and technology solution development

Clinical Trial Outsourcing : identifying, selecting and onboarding outsourcing partners with clarity

Coaching : authentic leadership, dealing with complexity, navigating change and new talent onboarding

Team Development : helping teams and organisations transform and thrive in complex and dynamic environments

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